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Women and Heart Disease

woman exercisingBy Dale Petersen MD - 


Among other things February is American heart month. The first week is designated National Women’s Heart Week. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in both men and women, with one out of four women dying of heart disease.

Heart attacks are the most common type of heart disease. A heart attack occurs when an artery supplying blood to the heart becomes blocks. The area of the heart muscle supplied by the artery will die if blood flow is not restored quickly. Best results are obtained if the blockage is cleared within 2 hours. 

I have seen many articles suggesting that heart attack symptoms are different in women than in men, yet when the symptoms are listed they are virtually the same in both sexes. I believe that the reason heart attacks are missed in women is that the symptoms are more likely to be ignored or attributed to another cause.

What's Your Favorite Comfort Food? and Why?

pizza number 1 comfort foodA recent Harris Poll showed favorites and that where you live, your age and gender impacts your comfort food choce:

What are Americans favorite comfort food?

  1. Pizza 
  2. Chocolate and ice cream  tie for 2nd place
  3. Mac & cheese a
  4. Chips 
Who eats comfort foods and when:
  • Women turn to chocolate and ice cream as their second and third choices, respectively. Men, on the other hand, opt for ice cream and then chips. 
  • Ice cream is the second choice for Easterners and Southerners alike, while Midwesterners turn to chocolate and Westerners prefer to dig into some mac & cheese. In third place, those in the South and West opt for chocolate, while those in the Midwest want a bowl of ice cream and the East is hankering for mac & cheese. 
  • While chocolate is number two for Gen Xers, this treat is reserved for third place by all other generations. Millennials' second choice is mac & cheese, while Baby Boomers opt for ice cream and Matures reach for steak. Gen Xers name chips as their third place pick.

So when do you eat your favorite comfort food?

The poll showed:

A Girl's First Pap Test: New Guidelines to Understand

mom and daughterby Janine Sherman, RN, MSN, WHNP-BC -

When I was 18, my mother made me an appointment to see her gynecologist to have my first Pap smear. I was not yet sexually active but my mom wanted me to have an exam before I left for college. Many years later, working as a Women's Health Care Nurse Practitioner, I would similarly tell my patients that age 18 is when a girl who is not sexually active should come in for her first pelvic exam and Pap smear. I would also tell moms that if their daughter was younger, but sexually active, she needed to be seen even sooner for a Pap smear. Back then, this was thought to be the right thing to do; now, most girls no longer need to have this test performed at such an early age.

A Pap test

(officially called a Papanicolau test or smear) has been around for decades; its development was a huge breakthrough in the detection of cervical cancer. Prior to the advent of the Pap smear, cervical cancer was a common cause of cancer deaths among women. The Pap smear allowed for early detection of pre-cancerous cells and treatment before cervical cancer was present, leading to a very significant decrease in the cervical cancer rates in the US.

Releasing Unhealthy and Unfulfilling Relationships

letting goBy Dr. Howard Peiper, N.D. -


unhealthy and unfulfilling relationships can drain us physically, emotionally and spiritually, while letting go of them empowers us to shift our reality and create space for new relationships that enhance our growth.

Releasing unhealthy and unfulfilling relationships with love and integrity, can teach us how to forgive the past, heal ourselves, and generate positive energy to progress on our path toward greater growth and fulfillment. If we do not break clean from an unhealthy relationship and stop investing energy in it, we will continue to desperately keep it alive while knowing in our hearts that our spirit has already left it, causing us to feel dead inside.

Many relationships come to a pivotal point when one person has grown to such a degree that the other partner needs to transform as well or the relationship will be in jeopardy. Usually the partner resists the natural shift that is occurring by creating distraction or drama, which ignites tension and conflict. At this crossroads, one or both partners may choose to end the relationship or use the creative energy that has been awakened to transform the relationship.


New Help for Kids Earache Pain

mom with sick childHearing your kids scream from the pain of earache is difficult and frustrating parents.  It has been impossible in the past to find anything that seems to help relieve the pain, ear drops don't seem to do much to help and there was little or nothing available from the drugstore. That's because the reason for the pain is due to the Eustachian tube, where the pain occurs, being connected to the mouth, not the outer ear.

More and more pediatricians are reluctant to prescribe antibiotics for earaches, since the American Academy of Pediatrics endorsed a wait-and-see approach in 2013, hoping more earaches would heal on their own without antibiotics.

Now we have a new product to help releive earach pain, ClearPop for Rapid Earache Relief with a patented shape optimized to pull congestion out of the middle ear and into the mouth. ClearPop for Rapid Earache Relief is available