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E-Cigarette Use by Teens Triples

teen smokingThe  National Youth Tobacco Survey  shows that  cigarette smoking by teens continues to decline while e-cigarette tripled from 2013 to 2014 and now is higher than use of regular cigarettes. -

High schoolers who smoke at least one a day fell from 12.7% to 9.2% in the past year, a record low. This occurred while the use of e-cigarettes increased from 4.5% to 13.4%; meaning there was no overall reduction of tobacco use from 2011 to 2014. In fact, 24.6% of high school students reported using some form of tobacco product in 2014. -

The National Youth Tobacco Survey results are published jointly by the FDA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Many parents and health providers hope that this recent report will cause the FDA to act to prohibit the use of e-cigarettes by teens.

Denial Is Not A River in Egypt

denial monkeysBy Dr. Howard Peiper - Path to a Better Life - 

What is Denial? -

The term “denial” refers to the process by which people with addictions pretend (to themselves and/or to other people) that they do not have an addiction, when in fact they do, or that their addictive behavior is not problematic, when in fact it is. Denial may happen consciously, for example, when the person lies to cover up, or it may happen unconsciously, for example, when they genuinely believe that they do not have a problem. Denial may be partially conscious, for example, when someone admits that they drink, and/or behave more than is sensible, but deny that it causes them problems, when in fact many of the problems they experience are consequences of their drinking and/or behaviors -

Denial is a very powerful thing; this article will explain the purpose of denial, the many faces of denial, what it is that we deny, and what the results of denial are.

Summer Grilling

By Lisa Metzgar, PhD, Nutrition Tidbits

 Summer is in full swing and it is time to break out the barbecue. Barbequing is a great way to add healthy foods to your diet and keep you kitchen clean and cool.  You can grill up an entire meal that will taste amazing. -

Here are a few yummy grilling ideas:

Fish is excellent on the grill.  Make sure when you are buying fish that you are getting wild and not farm raised.  Farm raised fish are pumped full of antibiotics and live in toxic conditions.  If you ever saw a farm raised salmon before they prepare it for market…it would be grey in color (frightening!)

Forgiveness Heals Our Soul

girl drawing forgiveness posterBy Dr. Howard Peiper - Path to a Better Life -

At some point in every abuse survivor’s healing journey, he or she must face the question of forgiveness. Are there some abuses too atrocious to forgive? Is it possible, or even healthy, to forgive someone who has never asked to be forgiven, someone who has never acknowledged any wrongdoing, and someone who continues to practice the same abusive behaviors?

     Many survivors recovering from abuse, including physical, emotional, and sexual abuse as well as neglect, rejection, and abandonment, often wrestle with the conflicting senses of a longing to forgive versus not feeling forgiving. Many times, survivors feel a responsibility or a social pressure to forgive even when they have not healed sufficiently for that step to have an emotionally healthy outcome. All too often, well-intentioned friends and relatives ask individuals to forgive and forget. Survivors of family abuse often succumb to this pressure and embark on a path of superficial forgiveness that does not honor the depth of the injury or enable authentic healing and forgiveness.

Study: Best Diet for Weight Loss

pants to big due to weight lossEating More Protein and Less Refined Starch Is Critical for Effective Dieting, Major Study Shows.  

A large-scale study  called "Diogenes"  has investigated the optimum dietary composition for  preventing and treating obesity. 

The results were recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine by researchers at the Faculty of Life  Sciences (LIFE), University of Copenhagen.

If you want to lose weight, you should maintain a diet that is high in proteins with more lean meat, low-fat dairy products and beans and fewer refined starch calories such as white bread and white rice. With this type of diet, most people can also eat until they are full without counting calories and without gaining weight. Interestingly, this study also concludes that the official dietary recommendations are not sufficient for preventing obesity.