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Important Information About Whooping Cough

Mom and child and doctorNews Release from University of Michigan - 

In the current fight against whooping cough resurgence, perhaps the biggest obstacle is an incomplete understanding of its underlying causes, according to a University of Michigan population ecologist.

Though the root causes of the resurgence remain "elusive and contentious," public health officials in many countries—including the United States—have introduced whooping cough booster shots into childhood immunization schedules, Pejman Rohani and a co-author state in a paper scheduled for online publication Jan. 19 in Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences.

Healthy Valentine Sweets for your Sweeties

chocolate hearts

By Lisa Metzgar, PhD - Nutrition Tidbits

Valentine’s day conjures up images of heart shaped boxes full of sweet filled chocolates, pink and red cupcakes, and of course roses (many of them chocolate!)  How about some healthy options for your sweeties?

Life Isn't Always Fair

parents kissing sonBuilding Health By Dale Peterson, MD - 

There are times when life is not fair.  I was reminded of this when, just before Thanksgiving, a twelve year-old granddaughter was found to have insulin dependent diabetes.  In that moment her life changed forever.  From that point forward she would be required to prick herself to check her blood sugar level at least four times daily.  She would no longer be able to eat randomly, but would need to carefully calculate the carbohydrate content of each meal and adjust her insulin dose to accommodate. 

For reasons that no one understands her body is producing antibodies that destroy the insulin producing beta cells of her pancreas.  It is possible that this was triggered by a viral infection during which her body’s immune system produced antibodies against the virus that accidentally attacked her pancreas as well.  She had been a healthy child, however, and we cannot remember any significant illness during which this might have occurred.  It is unlikely that the true cause of her illness will ever be known. 

Resolutions with Resolve

Building Health By Dale Peterson, MD - 

A common New Year ritual is the making of resolutions.  Unfortunately, most are soon broken and forgotten.  Many are recycled year after year without effecting any positive change in our lives.

Resolutions are made for a reason. We know that unhealthy habits should be replaced by healthy ones. We know that it is possible to look and feel better by making changes in our daily routine. Why then is it so difficult to follow through?

Part of the answer may lie in the manner in which resolutions are typically made. In nearly every case they are general statements with no specific action plan. This makes New Year’s resolutions nothing more than a wish list in need of a genie in a bottle to make them come true.

Eat Healthy - 2015 is Here!

healthy pizza made at home

By Lisa Metzgar, PhD - Nutrition Tidbits

Well, it is that time again where we look back at the passing year and resolve to make the next year even better.