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Homemade Plantation Shutters

plantation shutters
One of the things I enjoy doing around our house is creating look-a-likes. Finding something I’d love to have in my home but is too far out of my price range.

When I find an item I love but can’t afford, I figure out a way to make a replica-one where I can add my finishing touches to make the piece even better suited to my decor.

I’ve always loved (and coveted!) plantation shutters for the windows, but with the vast amount of windows in my home, cost was an issue.

I decided to make my own shutters and it’s so easy, anyone can do it, even if you don’t own a saw to cut the wood.

You’ll need to start by measuring your windows. Measure from the bottom of the window where the shutters will sit to about halfway up. Next measure from the side of the window frame closest to the window to the middle of the window because each shutter will require two pieces of wood to make them.

Head to your local home improvement store. My favorite one is Lowes. I could browse their aisles for hours. Plus, a definite bonus, they’ll cut wood specifically to your measurements.

Pick out plywood suited to your tastes–I would get plywood in a thin to no more than a medium thickness. Thinner wood actually works best. You don’t want to make shutters so heavy you can’t lift them without straining something once they’re finished.

Next, choose a paint that complements your color scheme. Then pick out hinges and a matching latch that appeals to you. I love pewter because it gives the shutters a ‘days gone by’ appearance.

At home, paint the plywood and once it’s dry, attach the hinges to the window frame and the edge of the painted plywood. If you’ve measured correctly, the shutters will meet in the middle without overlapping. Attach the latch to the inside edge of the shutter about halfway down.

You can customize these shutters by adding wooden hearts, stars, moons or other embellishments.

Happy Decorating!

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